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For professional and impartial mediation and fixed price divorce settlement services in London, Kent, South East, and all over the UK. Our professional mediators can help families to resolve their issues while removing stress. Call us today on 0121 400 0227.

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There is another option

Are you looking for an amicable divorce? At Fixed Price Divorce Services, we are experts in dispute resolution and offer an impartial and confidential mediation service. For most people taking the first steps towards divorce, family mediation is the place to start and this is often recommended by family courts, solicitors and Citizens Advice all over the UK. Our Family Council Accredited Mediators are able to carry out a Mediation Information & Assessment Meeting (MIAM) to find out whether mediation is the right option for you and your family.

Divorce is one of life's most challenging experiences which is incredibly costly, stressful and for many, expensive. Our divorce mediation services aim to provide you with an amicable and fixed price divorce settlement which avoids the associated complication of traditional divorce services. Our fully trained mediators provide impartial advice and guidance with the goal of reaching a positive outcome for all parties. To find out more about our divorce mediation services please give us a call today on 0121 400 0227.  

Impartial mediators

Trust between all parties is essential within any family mediation process and we pride ourselves on being completely impartial when it comes to the opinions and advice that we offer.

Our mediators are FMCA accredited and are able to offer mediation services for families, couples and individuals during the week and in the evenings.

A mediator can help resolve disputes and through mediation, both parties are much more likely to come to an amenable decision when it comes to a divorce settlement. Please contact one of our representatives to learn more about our fixed price divorce mediation and settlement services.


Family Mediation is a voluntary process and requires both parties to want to resolve their issues without the need of going to court. This is particularly the case when a couple shares many assets and children are involved.

Problems often arise when it comes to how equity should be split as well as access to children. This can quickly result in disputes and rising legal fees with the only winners being the lawyers who are representing the case in court.


Privacy is a major concern and our mediators ensure that all our services are carried out under the strictest confidence to help build trust with all involved.

Our team of trained professional mediators guarantee the highest level of discretion and confidentiality when dealing with cases whether as part of a family mediation following a dispute or during divorce proceedings.

And because our mediators are fully accredited and completely impartial, they are interested in helping you to reach a speedy resolution.

You control the decision making

With family mediation, you are in control. This includes the type of mediation you undertake whether its sole or shuttle mediation. The points to discuss and the outcomes are made by both parties to enable a suitable way forward.

With some of the other options available to you, this decision making is taken away especially in court and this means you have little control of the outcome.

Our mediators facilitate the conversation, but ultimately it is you that decides on the outcomes and the decisions being made.